Dear Friends,

For the past 30 years Travis County residents have been fortunate to have had Tax Assessor-Collectors as capable and innovative as Bill Aleshire, Cecelia Burke, and Nelda Wells-Spears. They set the standard for Texas tax assessors in customer service and in establishing efficient procedures to collect and disperse billions of dollars for Travis County’s 107 taxing jurisdictions.

Travis County enjoys the highest voter registration rate of any urban county in the state. In 2000, Ms. Spears appointed me to train and deputize thousands of citizens as Deputy Voter Registrars. Travis County also has the highest property tax collection rate of any urban county in Texas. As constable I work closely with the tax assessor’s office and the county attorney to collect delinquent taxes.

I am running for Tax Assessor-Collector to keep making government work better and be more responsive to people’s needs. I will ensure that customer service remains the tax office’s top priority. For nearly 20 years I have worked tirelessly to better meet the needs of litigants and help make the justice system more effective, understandable, and transparent.

When the criminal justice system failed domestic violence victims I worked to give judges and law enforcement more authority and tools to reduce the abuse. When single parents weren’t receiving child support I worked to strengthen the laws and improve the process. When truancy was increasing the drop-out rate and contributing to juvenile crimes I led efforts to implement a more comprehensive and successful strategy.

Now I want to make a difference in the tax office. I want to make voter registration, paying taxes, and renewing vehicle registrations more user-friendly and efficient. I will enable and encourage more people to conduct business with the tax office electronically and will work to make more information available online and in real time.

I’m proud that Travis County voters elected me five times to serve them; that my colleagues have asked for my leadership in numerous capacities; and that my office has been frequently recognized for our accomplishments. But my greatest reward is knowing that we made our government work better for its citizens.

I look forward to bringing my innovative, efficient, and effective approach to the office of Tax Assessor-Collector. My top priority will be ensuring that customer service is always Job One. I hope to have your support in this important campaign.

Bruce Elfant